Everything happens for a reason

Today, November 9, we remember the launch of Kristallnacht by the Nazis in Germany in 1938. What followed Kristallnacht is indelibly inscribed in human memory and the lessons that must continue to be learned everyday. It is true that nothing happens for no reason and in the case of Kristallnacht, may be the lessons learned serve – or ought to serve –  the purpose for it.

But I have a different subject in mind in this newsletter; though the premise is still the same: Nothing happens for nothing, there is a purpose. Our duty as humans is to find that purpose, and when we do we find meaning, not only in the event or events, but in life.

The world woke up today with a president-elect in the U.S who, for the past year and half stirred controversy and unrest for some, and instigation (not inspiration) and call for action, from others. This morning, some are reacting with disbelief while others are celebrating. Yet, it is not what happened, so much as what we can learn from it.

A couple of lessons for a starter:

From the winner’s standpoint, there is the truth that the human spirit can withstand every obstacle and every opposition. His journey – most of the time alone – speaks to that. Indeed when people say “you cannot” they are speaking about themselves, not you.

Secondly, how many who emotionally wanted different results were complacent in the whole process? Nothing is too little to contribute. Jesus teaches a very poignant lesson in the parable of the talents (Matthew 24: 14 – 25: 30; and Luke 19: 12- 27). There are far more in society who have been entrusted with one talent than those with two or five talents. Sadly, those with one talent choose to bury it and resort to complaining.

More lessons next.