In a few hours the new year will be here, and I am confident in wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous new year. I do that with optimism.

My book, “Paths As Yet Untrodden: A Journey of Faith and Hope” is a reality right now. It is available from Amazon on Kindle and in just a few days it will be available in paperback. In this book I share some of my experiences during the last seven years and how they gave me a taste of a life on a precipice. Actually, as I point out in the Introduction, I debated with the idea of Life on the Precipice as the title of the book. But I chose the words of a prayer as the title because they point to an ongoing process.

It is nothing long – only 142 pages – and designed for a very easy and quick reading. You won’t have to deal with chapters or even numbered pages. You can read it at one seating as different ideas inspired by my personal experience and put together for a more serious and detailed discussion at a later time. You can even pick and choose different ideas without sticking to any particular sequence.

Some of you, like me during the past seven years, have been on the frontlines fighting for social justice, connecting and inspiring  those in society living on the precipice because of various circumstances and situations. May be, like me, you have also discovered yourself or have found out your calling. I have dared to point out some of my own experiences with being vulnerable, struggling with perfectionism and even conformity with societal expectations.

I found strength, fortitude and authentic power in these seven years and the exposure of every experience. Above all I know I have being blessed more than I could have otherwise been. So, read it, comment, and even write a review and let me know what you think I should emphasize in my follow up expansion of those ideas.

A Very Happy anew Year!