There seems to be a seven year cycle in my life; or put in other words, every seven years something unpredictable, unplanned for and even dramatic takes center stage. I can recall vividly bouts with malaria almost like clockwork after every seven years. These I could almost predict! I changed careers after seven years, without planning or thinking about it. Career changes also meant changes in domicile.

Once a palmist read my palm and announced: “You have a long life but full of twists and turns!”. I consulted another one and got the same verdict. That was a long time ago and that road was taken at the suggestion and influence of a close friend.

Raised as a Christian, and later a seminarian and ordained in the church, palmistry was of course “unchristian”. And, although I have seen many turns and twists, the long life part is yet to be proved. Actually, I am ambivalent about giving recognition to palmistry.

But this is only an aside – the cycle and palmistry, and I have stories about horoscopes too.

Personal life experience has shown me that “there is a time for every experience and for every happening” (Qoheleth 3:17). What this means is that everything we encounter in life is part of the whole picture of life’s purpose. Yes, there is a purpose in life, designed by the Creator, God, or Universe – or whatever title you give to the source of life. Our task is to discover that purpose and to weave our life experiences into it.

Yet, we don’t always embrace this truth, for two reasons, at least: One, we are judgmental about life experiences categorizing them into “good” and “bad”. We embrace one and resist the other. St. Paul urges thanksgiving for everything or all things (Phil.4:6).

The second problem is that we have been influenced by society and surroundings to chart out our course. Actually this is appropriate but it must be in accord with the given life purpose. When the course charted out contradicts the life purpose, the result is conflict, disillusionment and frustration.

In this book, I share my own stories of resistance, refusal, denial, confusion and even outright rebellion. There are also success stories despite my input or lack of it. There have been miracles and there have been shame as well. The journey still goes as God’s plan and purpose continue to unfold.

It is my hope that you too will discover your life’s purpose if you have been searching like me. And if you have not been searching, I hope this book will encourage you to begin the search. May be, like me, you have been disillusioned. May be you have met frustrations and even anger.

You will discover, as I continue to discover, that a change of perspective may be what is needed. The resultant self-discovery will prove to be the joy we all seek. After all, life should be a joyful journey because that is what it is meant to be.